ORCID Japan Workshop 2019 へのお誘い



本イベントは日本語は一部(Matthew Buys氏の講演)を除き、日本語で行われます。



ORCID Japan Workshop 2019


 6/28、ORCIDは日本国内を対象としたワークショップを開催します。ORCIDの現状や各種サービスの状況について、ORCID, Inc.をはじめとした参加機関や参加企業からなど、各方面からの報告がなされます。また、パネルディスカッションでは、今後期待される展開などが議論されます。更に、国内のコンソーシアムに関する準備状況についても、日本コンソーシアム運営委員会からの報告を行います。

ORCID is becoming the international standard of persistent identifier for researchers. In Japan as well, the number of ORCID-id holders has been already over 100,000 and some universities and research institutions start their advanced-practical use.   

On June 28, ORCID is hosting a domestic workshop in Japan. ORCID, Inc, Membership institutions and organization will present talks associated with state of the art of ORCID, the latest developments and proprietary services. In the panel discussion, participants will have discussions about prospects for ORCID. The steering committee of ORCID Japan consortium will report the situation of preparation for the consortium.


13:00~13:20 Opening

13:20~14:00 ORCID 2019 strategy.  Matthew Buys, ORCID, Inc.

14:00~14:10 Preparation of Japan consortium. Masao Mori, Tokyo Tech.

14:10~14:40 Inhouse integrations

  • Kyoto University, Takaaki Aoki
  • National Institute of Natural Science, Yukihiro Kabeya
  • Tokyo Tech, Toshie Tanaka

14:50~15:00 Break

15:00~16:40 Proprietary integrations and public services

  • SRA Tohoku, Yoshiyuki IIno
  • Atlas, Yousuke Takahashi 
  • NII, Masaharu Hayashi and Wataru Ono
  • Clarivate Analytics, Masafumi Nakamura

16:40~17:00 Break

17:00~17:50 Open discussion “Future of ORCID in Japan”

17:50~18:00 Closing